Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lita Bembo & Stukas Boys

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Here are concert clips of the hype man -- Lita Bembo aka Congolese James Brown with Orchestre Stukas. Dazzling solos from virtuoso -- Bongo Wende!

Orchestre Stukas started as a neighborhood band performing renditions of James Brown's songs in 1968, almost two years before their primary rivals -- Bella Bella and Zaiko Langa Langa came along. In 1970, the group was refined to the point that it was able to secure a booking at the reputable Para Fifi night club (named for Joseph Kabasele's hit song from the fifties), and the next year, the band started recording. By that time, the core of the band became to be singers Lita Bembo, Lomingo Alida, Kisola Nzita, and Suke Bola, guitarists 'Professor' Samunga Tediangaye and Bongo Wende Daclyto, and drummer Bakunde Ilondjoko.

Like their other young colleagues -- Trio Madjesi, Stukas were known for their attire -- than for their energetic live performances.

Samunga, barely in his twenties, took hold of this band with a flashy lead guitar, which he sometimes plucked with his teeth -- to imitate Jimi Hendrix. Lita Bembo literally -- dominated the scene, as Salongo reported. 'He will make the mike "suffer"; dropping his knees like a voodoo man in a trance, exhibiting his sacred dance...Lita Bembo proves his skill by demonstrating his impossible postures.' After his acclaimed performance at Zaïre 74, Salongo declared he 'set the tone for the evening. The concert he presented to the public brilliantly confirmed his rank as a great star of Zaïrean music.' The paper's readers voiced agreement by voting Lita Bembo -- best musician of 1974.

Vocals: Lita Bembo, Djo Issa, Lomingo Alida
Lead Guitar: Bongo Wende Daclyto
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Timambi
Bass Guitar: Samara
Drums: Abro

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Samba Mapangala with Soukous Stars

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Here is Samba Mapangala with Soukous Stars

Vocals: Samba Mapangala, Jonal
Solo Guitarist: Johnny Champion(he's very good)
Rhythm Guitar: Lokassa Ya M"Bongo on Rhythm
Bassist: Ngouma Lokito

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anti Choc - Wabelo Rango (1989)

Here's Another great Anti-Choc release and again features Anti Choc at their best

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

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I know I'm late but he is the reason he made me stop posting for a few days. He truly influenced me and everybody in music, society. With hits such as Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean, and more. He captured everyone's attention when The Jackson Five first came on the seen and gained even more attention during Thriller. He was the greatest entertainer that ever lived and they will never be another like him. The success he made is unbelievable - 750 Million Records Sold - He is the True King.

Here are some Great Moments and Memories of MJ:

Classic Defao

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Here is Defao & Big Stars - Solange which I believe was a hit after he left Choc Stars in 1990. The soloist is Jagger Bokoko(very good), Mogus(rhythm) and Guy WaNzambe on Bass(Very Good). The sebene is awesome...I'm trying to find the original and not the remake of this song.

Zaiko: Mbuta Matima on Solo: Check it Out

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Mbuta Matima on Solo and the sebene is awesome, Don't know who's on rhythm guitar and on Bass: Oncle Bapius (one of the best Zaiko Bass Players...The dance is Mayebo which was popular in the Late 80's/Early 90's and created by Zaiko. Then Animator 3615 Code Niawu (Popular Atalaku at the time) used those animations to become a Atalaku Session God.

Anti Choc - Adieu L'Ami (1988)

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I'm back with a new record and this time its by Anti Choc (Bozi Boziana's Band) and it features them at their best. This sounds more like High Speed Formula Soukous than their prominent sound. Solo Guitarist is Dodoly aka The Sewing Machine because of his fast playing which features him at his best, Rhythm Guitarist: Nono Monama aka Nono Fetiche and Ngouma Lokito on Bass aka The Professor who later became a Bass Session God features his best bass playing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Syran M'Benza - Africa: Golen Years - 1989

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Guitarist Syran Mbenza pays tribute to Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria and other countries, The Familiar people I see is Jean Papy Ramazani - Vocalist, Koumba Bellow - Drummer, the others I don't know them.

Bongo Wende & Orchestre Izizonga - Mami Chou 1 & 2 - 70's

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Guitarist Bongo Wende at the time had been playing with Stukas and was about to go to Papa Wemba's Viva La Musica, so he seems to come with this quick single.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oldies: Papa Wemba with Bimi Ombale, and Nyoka Longo

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Check out this rare video of Papa Wemba with Nyoka Longo and Bimi Ombale singing Chouchouna with Viva La Musica (Papa Wemba's Band) backing the.

Choc Stars - A Paris, A Paris, Tala Mbote Ya Mbuta Matadi Roboti!Robota!Robote! - 1985

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Here is a Wonderful Choc Stars album with Powerful Vocals and Powerful Sebenes: Vocals - Ben Nyambao, Defao from Grand Zaiko, Bozi Boziana from Langa Langa Stars, Djuna Djunana from Langa Langa Stars
Guitars: Roxy Tshimpaka (solo) from Langa Langa Stars, Teddy Acompa (rhythm), Carol Makhamba (mi-solo) and Djo Mali from Langa Langa Stars (Bass)

Enjoy! and don't forget to check out the Choc Stars radio broadcast on Friday May 29 on Totally Radio by my friend Martin, the Totally Radio link is on the side.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Soukous Blues

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Hey, check out this guy Don Keller, he's very good.

John Boxingo - John Boxingo - 1989

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Hello guys, sorry I haven't been updating a lot because I keep on forgetting. Here is a fully Soukous album featuring the guitars of John Boxingo, Drums of Ti-Jean of Antilles, Remy Salomon on Bass, sounds like a good lineup. Enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rigo Star - Ne Refuse Pas (1985)

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Mid 80's Session featuring Kanda Bongo Man on Vocals and his right hand people - Rigo Star on rhythm and Diblo on solo. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bibi Den's Tshibayi

Bibi Den's Tshibayi was born in the Province of Kasaï Occidental, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly known as -- Zaire) on February 5, 1954. His mother, Bibi Ann, was a Protestant missionary who directed choirs and soon had young Tshibayi K. Denis Bibi Mobiayi as part of the choir. He loved his mother's voice and listened much from her. His father, Tshibayi, was a trader and planter who insisted on his son's continuing education, but also relentlessly urged him to sing and dance for his own pleasure and that of his honorable guests. He states, "(It is them that the demon of show business took possession of me)". 

While still in primary school, Bibi Den's started writing songs and melodies by age 11 while at the boarding school of the Brothers of Saint Joseph; the Fathers encouraged his talent by forming the small group "Savo-Fiesta" in which he performed during the 4 years at this school. By 1969, in secondary school in Kananga, he formed an expanded group "Lisano" with some friends in the neighborhood, doing matinee concerts and becoming popular among students. In 1972, in Kinshasa, although still in school, Bibi Den's began his professional career singing for "Thu Zahina", the group most in vogue (at the time) with Kinshasa. Franco gave the band instruments with which they could perform. 

Receiving his bachelor's degree in 1975, he continued to mix music with career advancement. His family, he says, "(revolted by my musical activities tries to find me an activity that they consider honorable)". He began work as a reporter for a local paper, but in the evening ran shows where he appears with the band "Melo Meli" of his friend Kanjinda Tony, a lot of his newspaper colleagues attend, "all astonished but having fun like hell." Four years later, fed up with paper work, he suddenly resigned his position to playing music full-time. Joining "The Best" he debuted at the Kinshasa Intercontinental Hotel, certainly a prime showcase. His family, exasperated and expressed, both sorrow and indignation; Bibi was touched by their obvious unhappiness, took up computer study and data processing, though without abandoning music. In 1981, he was hired to data processing at Air Zaïre, a job that is thrilling "but music is sublime." Combining both, his bosses came to the Intercontinental in the evenings to catch the show; perhaps he has really got the best of both worlds. 

Then, in 1982, The Intercontinental in Abidjan, Ivory Coast offered "The Best" and Bibi Den's a 6-month recording contract. Not hesitating a second, he left for Abidjan where, among other attractions, had a multi-track studio, and M. Sacko there helped him record his first album.

He recorded two albums in the first half of the 1980s, « The Best Ambiance » and « Sensible ». The song The Best Ambiance has been released as 12'' single by Earthworks/Rough Trade in the UK in 1984.

                                            Bibi Den's & Orchestre The Best - Best Ambiance (80's Soukous!)

Elisa Kouadio
                                                                        Bonbon Rouge
J'aime Ca
Tu me fais craquer 

Bibi Den's then disappeared from the music scene to come back in the 1990s. With a new band, Les Marymbas, he recorded a few albums. He also was part of Soukous Stars for a short-while and wrote some songs for anticipated (at the time) female vocalist -- Pierrette Adams. Having lived for a long time in Abidjan, he has also worked with various Ivorian artists over the years (duet with Meiway on his album « Soft » and a duet with Alpha Blondy on Blondy's song « Zoukifiez-moi ça » (album Merci, 2002). 

In 2000, he recorded an album using his real name Denis Tshibayi in stead of his artist name Bibi Den's. The album is mixed by Adrian Sherwood (Sinnead O'Connor) and Skip McDonald and is a genuine attempt to fuse Congolese music with western pop music. 

Bibi Den's has lived in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire for years before settling in Paris where he now lives. In 2007, a promo maxi-single « Feti » was released and in 2011, he released the album «Mua Chance».

For the LP link -- I have to rerecord it again and provide a updated link. Sorry about the inconvenience. 

Friday, February 20, 2009


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I'm sorry guys there isn't no new music posted but I'm broke and I need some money to buy some new lp's so I can post here on the blog. You can donate any amount on the donate button the side.