Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lita Bembo & Stukas Boys

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Here are concert clips of the hype man -- Lita Bembo aka Congolese James Brown with Orchestre Stukas. Dazzling solos from virtuoso -- Bongo Wende!

Orchestre Stukas started as a neighborhood band performing renditions of James Brown's songs in 1968, almost two years before their primary rivals -- Bella Bella and Zaiko Langa Langa came along. In 1970, the group was refined to the point that it was able to secure a booking at the reputable Para Fifi night club (named for Joseph Kabasele's hit song from the fifties), and the next year, the band started recording. By that time, the core of the band became to be singers Lita Bembo, Lomingo Alida, Kisola Nzita, and Suke Bola, guitarists 'Professor' Samunga Tediangaye and Bongo Wende Daclyto, and drummer Bakunde Ilondjoko.

Like their other young colleagues -- Trio Madjesi, Stukas were known for their attire -- than for their energetic live performances.

Samunga, barely in his twenties, took hold of this band with a flashy lead guitar, which he sometimes plucked with his teeth -- to imitate Jimi Hendrix. Lita Bembo literally -- dominated the scene, as Salongo reported. 'He will make the mike "suffer"; dropping his knees like a voodoo man in a trance, exhibiting his sacred dance...Lita Bembo proves his skill by demonstrating his impossible postures.' After his acclaimed performance at Zaïre 74, Salongo declared he 'set the tone for the evening. The concert he presented to the public brilliantly confirmed his rank as a great star of Zaïrean music.' The paper's readers voiced agreement by voting Lita Bembo -- best musician of 1974.

Vocals: Lita Bembo, Djo Issa, Lomingo Alida
Lead Guitar: Bongo Wende Daclyto
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Timambi
Bass Guitar: Samara
Drums: Abro


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hi soukousman. I think we've swapped ideas on Africambiance. Wanted to say thanks for the incredible Lita Bembo clips, which I am now sharing with all my friends in the hope they will stop listening to all that other rubbish. Great blog!
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