Friday, July 12, 2013

Pierre Belkos in Mayotte

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Sorry for the long inactivity that I put you guys through, it just that I transferred my new base onto YouTube. I'll still post here sometimes so keep track! Today I'm featuring fellow LA-SAPE dresser vocalist/dancer Pierre Belkos who hails from the origin of Congo-Brazzaville, but based in Paris. 


LA SAPE (The Society for the Advancement of Elegant People) is a social movement centered in Brazzaville, the capital of Brazzaville. The movement embodies the elegance style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies as means of resistance. They are in stark contrast with the environment they live in.


Before I post the link, let give you some information about the island Mayotte. Mayotte is an overseas department and region of France consisting of a main island Grand-Terre (or Maore), a small island, Petite-Terre (or Pamanzi), and several islets around these two. France gained colonial control over Mayotte in 1843. It is the most populous of the four Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean off Mozambique in Africa. Mayotte chose to remain a French dependency rather than join the other Comoran islands in declaring independence in 1975. Comoros laid claim to Mayotte shortly after independence and continues to do so. In July 2000, 70% of voters opted to accept greater autonomy but to remain a part of France. In a 2009 referendum, voters approved accession to the status of department by a large majority. In fact, 95% voted in favor of departmental status. On March 31, 2011, Mayotte became an overseas department. An overseas department is part of France that is located elsewhere, not a part of mainland France. On January 1, 2014, Mayotte is set to become part of the European Union. That will make Mayotte the European Union's outermost region.
Now on to the good stuff!
Vocals: Pierre Belkos, Soule Ngofo Man
Lead Guitar: Caien Madoka
Rhythm Guitar: Bopol Mansiamina
Bass: Chida Son
Drums: Komba Bellow