Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anti Choc - Adieu L'Ami (1988)

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I'm back with a new record and this time its by Anti Choc (Bozi Boziana's Band) and it features them at their best. This sounds more like High Speed Formula Soukous than their prominent sound. Solo Guitarist is Dodoly aka The Sewing Machine because of his fast playing which features him at his best, Rhythm Guitarist: Nono Monama aka Nono Fetiche and Ngouma Lokito on Bass aka The Professor who later became a Bass Session God features his best bass playing. Enjoy!



African Music Recycler said...

hi Soukousman,
Thank you very much for the LP.

But I'm a little bit confused because the titles of the MP3's does not match with the titles on the backcover.

Can you please write which MP3-titles correspomd with the LP-titles.


Anonymous said...

Soukousman I am looking for an old classic rhumba song with these lyrics "lava lava, lava lava, lila lele eeh --lila lele eeh--". I don't know who did it but its old Lokassa generation-- an ideas pleas eupload to youtube.

afilo said...

Thanks very much Mr. Soukousman. finally i have gotten you. I love your blogs, quite informative, especially to someone like me, soukous/rumba lover. please upload the CD Entente Cordiale by Show Do man, featuring Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba- 1998. Thanks and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

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