Saturday, May 23, 2009

Choc Stars - A Paris, A Paris, Tala Mbote Ya Mbuta Matadi Roboti!Robota!Robote! - 1985

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Here is a Wonderful Choc Stars album with Powerful Vocals and Powerful Sebenes: Vocals - Ben Nyambao, Defao from Grand Zaiko, Bozi Boziana from Langa Langa Stars, Djuna Djunana from Langa Langa Stars
Guitars: Roxy Tshimpaka (solo) from Langa Langa Stars, Teddy Acompa (rhythm), Carol Makhamba (mi-solo) and Djo Mali from Langa Langa Stars (Bass)

Enjoy! and don't forget to check out the Choc Stars radio broadcast on Friday May 29 on Totally Radio by my friend Martin, the Totally Radio link is on the side.


billyclex said...

this one looks great. is there a link to hear it?

you have some great posts.

soukousman said...

Sorry about that, the link is coming

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Thanks Shad. Apurva

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