Saturday, March 21, 2009

Denis Loubassou - Leila La Parisienne - 1989

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Anonymous said...

hey Soukousman come back to Africamabiance!
Hope you are doing fine and that the family is fine

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this album. Apurva

Anonymous said...

Hello man! The only blog in Congo! Congratulations!!! I like music the most, I'm interested on bright african art and on every art in the world; but I'm worried always about the situation of your country. Now, that fortunately, it seems to be somehow "calm?", the news doesn't talk about your people. You could tell the rest of the world anything of your life in the country or about the underprivileged ones's lifes, if you had enough time and you like.

I have a blog that I'd be very happy you look at. Firtsly it was about abstract photography on my town, now it's something more. Look for:
"Beautiful Aim" "Democratic Republic
of Congo"

soukousman said...

Thanks everyone.... Hi Ali thanks for the info and the good comment. I not from Congo but African American and started my journey on Congolese Music when I was 11, I'm 16 now.