Saturday, July 12, 2008

Videos featuring Legend Lokassa Ya M'Bongo

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Lokassa Ya M'Bongo is a excellent rhythm guitarist and he is almost 60. He has a title of 7 albums? He was a member of Soukous Stars and founder, also a member of Tabu Ley's Afrisa International, and Sam Mangwana's African All Stars. He was one of highest session rhythm guitarist. He played on more than 100 sessions.

The first video is Marie Jose which was released in 1986; originally Ballou Canta sanged but he is lip singing it. You can see Yondo Sister singing and dancing in the background. She did some background singing in the 80's, she also appeared in Kanda Bongo Man's Malinga-JT album.

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limbolo said...

That second cut is going way back to Jean Bosco Mwenda... Yes?
Beauty, Beauty...
Thanks for posting this.