Saturday, July 12, 2008

The country Bostwana even play Wenge music

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Here it is -

Its a great video it really shows that the Wenges have been inspiring other countries and it features great guitar by unknown solo guitarist.

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Kayo Kaluji said...

I watched a DVD of Werrasons perfomance must have been in Paris or Brussels..The event was called "Igwe" or the album...At first it seemed i wouldnt enjoy it but i am glued to the perfomance of Wera's boys..Wera cant dance even if he wanted..Anyway..If this is the current Wenge Maison Mere then its going places..Am i right about the following as band members? Peter Kaluji & Palu Luketu (Pardon my spelling)..If anyone can give me the info of the Igwe line up i will appreciate.I also couldnt help but notice that Wera had 4 animators..why is this? is it to show the other animators that he has consistent manpower or its to create a vibrant perfomance..Also the controlling factor..the boys were very relaxed and were enjoying themselves entertaining the crowd whilst on stage till Werra showed up..and it was do this, do that..Something towards the "Kofi Attitude" Wera needs to loosen up and drop the quest to adopt the attitude...this issue of "Mukulu" Sovereign premiere" "Les Number one" what kills bands...Look at how the greatest band in the world Wenge BCBG broke up..yet each and everyone's input was worth the while..Werra should kill that..In all Werra's boys for me rule in song and dance..." ....Animator 1:Dansi ya makolo pasi..Animator 2:eh Mosi..Animator 1: mosi ya mosi mosi Animator 2:eh sole ya sole sole kula mayele ..suuu