Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wenge BCBG paying Hommage to Franco

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The song that they are performing is Chacun Pour Soi by Franco & OK Jazz. Pathy Molesso is the person on the guitar; great Franco input he did. Caludji came with the best Franco outtake voice. Seguin Mignon on drums.


Anonymous said...

BCBG the machine of music,hmmm tall man Moleso beta lindanda ya Grand Maitre Luambo!
I think Moleso will in the future go it like Olivier Tshimanga,Salif Keita,Lokua Kanza etc who have made it as guitarists and singers at the same time,very few make it this way,Japonais Maladi has made a fool of himself by trying to do it that way too but i think Moleso can manage as he has good voice control,i have a dvd of JB Mpiana on Franco's anniversary singing and Moleso plays and sings,Djo Ka Kabengele the big journalist was hosting the show.

Clanwenge said...

I like this song, wenge bcbg give it a rebirth thx

soukousman said...

Molesso can't sing at all but it was great when he played the Franco imitation. Japonais album was horrible trying to be Lokua Kanza. Oliver Tshimanga was jus playing around with that Lokua Kanza foreplay. The name of the song Wenge BCBg is playing is Chacun pour soi I thinK?