Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lutchiana - Foulale (Cassete) 1992

Soukous-Zouk Singer Lutchiana releases his second album and the hit from here is Eki Bis.
Guitarists are Rigo Star, Nene Tchaku, Bass - Nguma Lokito

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Anonymous said...

It is not good to use rapishare to post single tracks. Use it for zipped compressed)music folders containing several tracks. Rapidshare is expensive and the free service is so frustrating. Why can't you use Putfile for such single tracks?

soukousman said...

Putfile to download, u can't. Sendspace u can

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this rare music. Generally an album is posted as one .rar file, rather than individual tracks, so that people can download it easily. Rar files are the best because you can open them before they have completed downloading and the compression ratio is good. I've re-uploaded the entire album in one rar file:

rumba-kali said...

thank you! excellent album which i have on tape somewhere but never went through the trouble of finding and digitizing it.
recently started to look for the soukous i used to listen to in the early/mid 90s. alain kounkou, yondo sister, jean papy ramadhani, all those songs that were popular in tanzania at the time.

bathmate said...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent posting but I guess I browsed too late for the link. Could you please re-up?