Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tabu Ley Rochereau

He is the godfather of Congolese Music and influences most artists today. He has composed more than 100 albums throughout Africa, Europe, USA and elsewhere. In his earlier days, he joined Africa Jazz as a full time musician after graduating from high school. He sanged Grand Kale’s composition - "Independence Cha Cha when Congo was being an independent nation and that made him famous. He and Dr.Nico were part of African Jazz. However, in 1963, they created the band African Fiesta National and they have recorded the famed classic hit - Africa Mokili Mobimba that was sold to a high number of 1 million copies. In 1970, he renamed his band to Afrisa International and made success with this band recording hits such as Sorozo, Kaful Mayay, Ponce Pilate, Ana Mokoy, and Tete Nakozenga - in praise of his wife . Other famous musicians who were part of the band in the 70's were Sam Mangwana, Lokassa Ya M'Bongo, Dizzy Mandjeku, Michelino, Kiasse Diambu, Seskain Molenga, Dr.Nico, and more. Luckily, there have been a rivalry to TPOK Jazz for all these years until Franco died. Later, as we move into the 80's, he introduces a young female name M'Bilia Bel who is an excellent singer and dancer, and they have been making duets songs, which were also successful. Later in 1986, Tabu Ley introduced another female singer - Faya Tess and there have been jealousy between the two. In Late 1987, Mbilia Bel left for a solo career and Tabu Ley's career seemed to go down as well in the Late 80's to Mid 90's.

Click here to play 'Tabu-Ley-Rochereau--Afrisa-International---Maze'

Click here to play 'Tabu-Ley-Rochereau--Afrisa--International---En-Amour-Y-Pas-de-Calcoul'

Click here to play 'Tabu-Ley-Rochereau--Afrisa-International---SorozoOriginal'

Here are more Tabu Ley songs

Click here to watch 'Tabu-Ley-Rochereau---Moussa-Live'

Click here to watch 'Tabu-Ley-Rochereau--Franco---Ngungi'

Click here to watch 'Tabu-Leys-Version-of-Emande'

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